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My name is Hunter Fitch and I'm a freelance graphic designer with 17 years experience! I'm based in Arizona but I work with clientele all across the country.


I can handle all aspects of graphic design:


• Logos

• Business Cards

• Brochures

• Web Design

• Postcards

• Posters

• Fliers

• Branding

• Anything & Everything Design Related


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Logo Design $300

Includes unlimited versions & revisions.


Business Card Design $100

Includes full-color design both sides. $15 for each title outside of the original.


Corporate Identity Package $425

Includes logo, business card, letterhead & envelope design.


Super-Mega-Awesome-Package $625

Includes logo, business card, letterhead, envelope & brochure.


Tri-fold Brochure Design $250

Price is for a typical tri-fold brochure design.


Postcard Design $150

Includes full-color design both sides.


Doorhanger Design $150

Includes full-color design both sides.


Flier Design $150

Single or double-sided. Full color or greyscale.


Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Contact me and we’ll talk over your project.

Contact: upon contact I will email you a simple questionnaire to fill out which helps me to gather information about your ideas for the logo design and gives me a general art direction to head in.


Design: After receiving a deposit ($100) I will have a minimum of three (3) proofs back to you within two business days. You are NOT restricted to choosing one of the initial proofs. Unlike other designers, I offer unlimited versions and revisions. So, if there is not a design that you are attracted to we’ll talk over some additional ideas and I’ll go to work on new proofs. We’ll continue with the process of proofing and revisions until you are completed satisfied with your design.


Approval/Delivery: Upon approval and payment of the logo design balance ($200) I will email the final logo design to you in 7 different file formats. All of the file types are industry standard and will cover the full range of mediums from print to web.


Any other questions? Please check out my F.A.Q. below or contact me.

Please fill out the form below and I’ll do my best to get back to you within minutes.

If you prefer to speak over the phone I can be reached at 480.518.4286

I see other designers offering logo design for $50... why shouldn’t I use them?

Designers that offer their services in that price range are not taking the time and care to properly work through a design for your business. Most often they are using templates, essentially throwing ideas against the wall and hoping something sticks.


On the other hand, before I start a design I use a combination of your feedback on what type of design you have in mind and I also do research into your industry and take several branding elements into consideration before starting on a design.


What is the typical turn-around time for a logo design?

My average logo design takes 4 business days from start to finish, including revisions.


Will you supply me with a file that I can use to print on T-shirts?

Yes. One of the files provided will be the original vector-based artwork which can be used for silk-screening.


Do I own the rights to the design?

Yes. The work I perform is considered ‘work for hire’ and as such I lay no claim to ownership once you have paid for the design.


What file formats will I receive the completed design in?

Final logo design files include: .ai, .eps, .pdf, .png, .gif, .tif and .jpg which cover the full range of industry standard formats.




Beware of the Amateur Designer

All over the internet, and especially Craigslist, you will find “designers” selling very inexpensive logo designs. At least once a week I receive a phone call from someone complaining about how another “cheaper” designer they hired had failed them. Not only did they lose their money, but more importantly, they lost precious time.


These designers, sometimes in foreign countries, do not take the time and care to properly identify a brand-strategy for your business before attempting a design. The bottom line is, they often use pre-built templates and simply throw a bunch of designs against the wall and hope that one sticks.


Alternatively, before I start on your design I listen to your ideas and I do research into your industry to identify a viable art direction.


All logo designs need to be built vector-based

All too often there are designers offering logo designs built in Photoshop. This is the absolute incorrect way for a logo to be designed. Logos must be built vector-based for scalability and proper color separations at printing time. If a designer tells you otherwise, they are an amateur and you should look elsewhere.


Portfolio is the absolute most important factor when hiring. You should be attracted to at least some of the designs in a designer’s portfolio before hiring them. Don’t assume a designer is going to rise above the design level in their portfolio.


Customer feedback is a great way to judge whether or not a designer is competent. They can have all the design skills in the world but if they have no customer service then it will be a bad experience.


Experience is the least important of the three, if they are a great designer there’s not much need for a lot of experience but I do recommend that a designer have at least 5 years in the business.









Why Vector is Important

Unfortunately, there are several 'designers' out there selling designs built in Photoshop. This is not the proper way to build a logo.


Raster vs. Vector


Photoshop is a Raster-based program, you can think of it as a picture. When design are scaled or blown up you can see the pixels within the design.


On the other hand, a program like Adobe Illustrator (which is what I build my designs in) is a Vector-based program. Vector designs can be scaled or blown up and they retain their sharp edges - there is no 'image loss'.

Vector Image Sample

Raster Image Sample

• Sharp lines with no image loss

• Pixelated image with soft/blurred edges

Proper  Logo File Types

Having the proper file types for use in different circumstances is just as important as a great design. I provide your final logo design in 7 different industry-standard file formats which include:


(1) .ai (original vector artwork file)

(2) .eps

(3) .pdf

(4) .png

(5) .gif

(6) .tif

(7) .jpg